Saturday, April 28, 2012

GiveAway: Tea Forté package

A few days ago I posted a message about a tea brand which is really good for your skin. Not only because it contains a lot of water but also because they came up with a line with different tastes; each one has another healing effect on your skin. Yesterday I received a package of Tea Forté and it tastes delicious! I know everybody has different taste but I really think that everybody should try it! For this reason I'm organizing a giveaway for my Dutch readers <3

Would you like to try this tea for yourself? Tea Forté put together a really great package and the only things you have to do is:
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2 Leave a comment and enclose your email adress

The winner will be revealed next Saturday,
Love to hear from you

Friday, April 27, 2012

Heels vs Sneakers; or both?

The past summers were all about heels. The higher the better. I think,  when you decide to wear heels, you have to wear good ones; wear high heels or completely flat shoes like sneakers. Something in between is just.. something in between! If you haven't heard of the designer who combined heels with sneakers, you probably have been living under a rock. Haha no I'm sorry but Isabel Marant came up with these sneakers with a built-in wedge which are already very populair among celebrities and fashionistas. Honestly, when I first saw them, I thought they looked a bit like orthopedic shoes. But once I saw them more often, I secretly got to love them.

Unfortunately they are too expensive for me at the moment (about €600) so for the mean time I'll stick to my New Balance sneakers which I bought a few weeks ago ( photo on the right). This brand was originaly designed in 1906 for running but a while ago they came up with a Retro & Lifestyle line fory men and recently also for women. They are great on a casual day on university and when I'm wearing these shoes, I always feel like I'm walking on air <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Your are what you drink; Tea for your skin

You've probably heard this a thousand times: Beauty comes from within. Perhaps it sounds a bit cliché but I think this is true and we are becoming more and more aware of this fact. When we feel happy it shows on your appearance but also everything we eat and drink has a big influence on our health; it shows on your skin and hair. So it's really important to take good care of your body.

When I am at home, chilling or blogging, I always drink a large amount of tea. It isn't too expensive and I always have the feeling that I'm being healthy because tea contains a lot of water! For this reason a new line of tea caught my attention; Skin Smart Tea from Tea Forté. This brand really wants to keep the body healthy and therefore launched this line with 5 different teas, all with a different flavor and a different purpose:

· Cucumber mint to keep your skin youthful
· Honey Yuzu for natural renewal
· Cherry Marzipan (marsepein) for corrective recovery
· Swis apple for skin support
· Lychee coconut for a radiant (stralende) skin

The last couple of years High Teas are really upcoming. I love to celebrate my birthday by throwing a high tea with a table covered with sandwiches and sweets. I like to decorate the table with beautiful mugs and plates and little presents and these triangular tea bags will look very cool on it.
I like this trend and it is healthy too <3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stars & Stripes; The American Flag

The American flag. I'm really curious how this print is suddenly seen on all kinds of clothing. It is seen on shorts, shirts and even on heels. You name it and this piece of clothes is probably spotted with the American flag on it. Some people wear it to make a statement, for example on the fourth of July. Others might say it should only be used as a flag. Nevertheless, I am a fan of this trend! I must say that it's important that you don't take this to far! I'm also wondering if you only can wear this print if you wear it with a purpose or is it also OK to wear it because you just like the print?

There is one store of which I'm a huge fan; Brandy & Melville . This store is situated in big city's in different countries and yes, we have one in Amsterdam! This Italian brand sells amazing clothes and I think they are of a very good quality. They also sell all kinds of clothing with the American flag on it. We may see this print as a trend but this brand was using this print before this trend became big. So is this a coincidence or are they a real trendsetter...

I have only one piece with the American flag on it in my closet, but if I could, I would wear it everyday. It's a scarf from .. . I noticed the less expensive stores are also selling these kind of scarfs which are a good alternative. The one I bought was a little more expensive and has a beautifull subtle American flag on it. I found some items which I love, I found some expensive ones but next to those photo's I pictured a less expensive version which I think are great!

Sweater: Brandy&Melville | Shirt: Bailmain | Shirt: TopShop €45 | €163 | Short: TopShop €42

My very own: Vlieger & Vandam!

aaaahh I have to revice my last post because yesterday I got my Vlieger & Vandam bag as a present from my parents !! I'm so happy with it I can't even describe  <3 Thank you Thank you Thank you

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The shopper; Stylisch and Practical

It's a habit we all know; we just have to take our handbag with us everywhere! There's always a possibility that we need our lipstick, deoderant, sunglasses in case we come across that sexy man or your agenda and gum on your work appointment. So it's better to take everything with us in case of an emergency! Handbags aren't an accessory that is existing for a long time. After WO2 the handbag became a real piece of everyday clothing and since then it only became bigger and bigger. The bag of this season is definitely the Shopper. Usually you can grab a shopper when you come into a store and want to fill your whole 'shopper bag' with close for in the dressing room (like Primark). But now it's not only used in stores but also for handbags so you women can carry everything with them what they might need! I personally love the shopper because I always take so much with me just in case.. Even when I go out at night I want to take a big bag with me, and now I can because it's fashion!! I've put some different bags on my blog, I would like to have them all <3

The bag on the left is from the Dutch designers Vlieger & Vandam and is very different and amazing; I'm in love! Unfortunately it is too expensive voor me and that's why the second photo of Olivia Palermo is a very good alternative; the
Zara Shopper. <3

Friday, April 13, 2012

Think conscious; Fair clothing

In this post I would like to tel you something about a new trends in fashion: fair clothing.  It's about time that we become more aware of the clothing we buy and wear. In 'our world' it seems very normal that we can buy clothes in at least 100 different stores whenever we feel like it. But because it is so normal to have all these options we barely stop and think about where it is made and in what kind of environment it is made. Since the last couple of years it looks like we are becoming more aware of the clothes we buy. H&M is a good example of a brand which is using more and more natural materials, this can be seen in their collection which is launched in 2011: The Exclusive glamour collection. These items contain more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and hemp as well as recycled polyester. It looks like brands such as Zara, Bershka, Asos and even Primark are also aware of the origin of their clothes and how it is made.

 On the site rank-a-brand it is possible to check how fair clothes from different brands are made . The brands named before are al made in good working conditions which I found really important. To be honest, I didn't expected this because the products are not expensive at al so I thought there must be something behind these brands to make it that cheap. I am glad to know this so I can keep buying these fashionable clothes without encouraging something I don't support. The latest collection of H&M pictured above is made from these natural materials and I think it looks beautiful. For this reason I'm beginning to wonder why it took the fashion houses that long to start these collections but nevertheless I am really happy they did <3

Some designers in The Netherlands are also going towards more conscious collections, for example the Netl Collection; this collection is made of natural materials combined with Netl! (brandnetel). I'm really curious about their collection because I haven't seen it yet and I'm also curious if it wears comfortable! I really hope the new conscious collections of designers are getting more fashionable because these clothes are often very conservative.. I'll keep you posted 
Check > Netl

for more information.

Do you want to do some research to see if the clothes you often buy are fair? Check> Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trend to love: Floral pants

You cannot not love it! During spring birds chirp and flowers bloom, you see it all around you and this season it can also be seen in clothing. Why should we wear mat, boring clothes if we can wear bright prints with leaves and flowers? Honestly, I wasnt much into prints and decorated clothes but I turned 180 degrees since I spotted the trend last year and now I just love it! The pattern is seen on skinny jeans, trousers, blouses, everywhere and I especialy adore it when it is worn just above the ankle with a pair of yellow heels. This trend isn't that new but it is getting more populair among fashionista's every day, and I think everybody should have a flowerd pair of trousers. The trousers are designed by couture fashion houses but are also available for students like me. For instance, the trousers Beyonce is wearing from Stella Mccartney looks a lot like the trousers I bought from H&M! Olivia Palermo is wearing a beautifull pants from Topshop and the trousers in the second photo are my dream pair <3 Does anyone know where I can find a look-a-like? I am in love with the combination of the colors!
Ps. excuse me for my English, it's not perfect yet but I'm doing the best I can :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Studying is Hot: Bombata laptop bag

Why do all laptop bags have to remind you of business men or teachers? I often want take my laptop with me to college but I always feel like leaving it at home because it is such a big, black and especially unfashionable accessory! But studying isn't only for nerds and can be fashionable too with a Bombata laptopbag. This brand is founded in Italy and designes all kinds of laptopbags in different sizes. I have the yellow one myself and now I take my laptop to college almost every day bacause I really feel it's a nice accessory. The best thing is that the bag is not expensive at al, the medium size is only 29 euro! 

This summer is all about colours. As I told you in my second post, pastel colours are the trend. But not only pastel colours, just like last summer all colours can be worn. From pastel to bright colours to neon! This bag is available in twelve different fresh colours and that's why I think that students who are often taking their laptop to college, the Bombata bag is a good solution. Want one? Send an email to and I will send you one!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out of Africa

I don't know if this style already has a name, but between all the bright colours and beautiful fabrics I noticed a new kind of print what looks like a style which is coming from Africa. Not only the prints of African clothes are used for the new spring/summer collections but also the fabric of these clothes. Most of you probably know that African men and women decorade theirselves with beautiful necklaces and bracelets made of beads (dutch: kralen). The African people truly have their own creative style and I think it is very inspiring. The photo above is made at the spring fashion show of Gucci, do you see the resemblance with the African style? To illustrate I put some items with look a like prints and materials that I came across, next to the photo.

Photo: Gucci, Trousers+Dress: Mango, Wallet+Necklace: Zara, Skirt: NewLook

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy in Pastel

Een trend die heel erg in opkomst is en die mij heel erg opvrolijkt zijn de pasteltinten. Wat ik altijd erg interessant vind is om te kijken of de trends die op de catwalk worden laten zien ook terug te zien zijn in ons eigen leven. Vaak denk ik bij mezelf dat kleding van grote modenhuizen die op de catwalk worden laten zien weggelegd is voor ons maar de laatste tijd kom ik steeds meer van dit soort kleding tegen! Natuurlijk niet de échte catwalk kleding maar veel winkels zoals H&M, Zara en Newlook laten zien dat ze deze trends op de voet volgen en dit vervolgens verwerken in hun eigen collectie.
In mijn blog praat ik dan ook veel liever over kleding die binnen handbereik is voor iedereen en niet alleen voor mensen die dure kleding kunnen veroorloven. In bovenstaande foto heb ik wat items geplaatst die dienen als inspiratie. De hakken heb ik zelf ook ben ik helemaal weg van; ik kan ze bijna overal bij aan! Iedereen moet zich leuk kunnen kleden als je dat wil en met deze mooie pasteltinten kun je deze zomer niet meer stuk!

foto:Prada, Jurk blouse en jeans: New Look, schoenen: Zara

Little about me

Voordat ik allerlei berichten ga posten over mode en lifestyle vind ik het leuk om eerst iets kleins over mezelf te vertellen. Ten eerste is dit mijn eerste blog en mijn eerste bericht ooit. Daarom vind ik het best wel spannend dit te schrijven.. Ik lees vaak blogs van andere bloggers en fashionista's en vind het altijd waanzinnig knap dat ze zich als het ware blootstellen aan de wereld! Dan denk ik bij mezelf waarom ik niet?! Ook vraag ik me altijd af waarom mensen het interessant zouden vinden om een blog te lezen over mijn gedachten en mijn mening over mode en lifestyle?! Maar wat ik een paar dagen geleden heb bedacht is SO WHAT?? Wat heb ik eigenlijk te verliezen?

Dus bij deze is wordt dit mijn eerste bericht op mijn blog.

Zelf studeer ik bedrijfscommunicatie wetenschappen omdat ik nooit heb geweten wat ik wil gaan doen in de toekomst. Ik hoop met deze achtergrond ooit iets te doen in de mode, te werken voor een tijdschrift of de pr te doen voor een mooi merk. Met andere woorden, ik weet het nog allemaal niet zo goed.

Deze Blog zal gaan over alles wat me opvalt in de trends van de laatste mode, lifestyle en alles wat ik daar omheen interessant vind. Vaak heb ik het gevoel dat ik dit wil delen met vrienden en familie maar die worden ondertussen gek van alles wat ik kwijt wil, dus bij deze deel ik het met diegenen die het willen horen.

tot snel