Friday, May 11, 2012

Wear what suits you; Strappy Heels

I strongly believe that you should only wear what suits you. Every season there are so many trends in fashion that I just want to buy from every trend several Items! If I had the money I would probably do that but unfortunately not..
I think it is very important to dress yourself only in the items of which you think they look good on you. For example the ankle strap heels. This will be a huge trend this summer and I think they look beautifull on girls who are really tall. But when you aren't that tall, a strap around your ankel really makes you legs look shorter because they are interrupted by a small strap. For this reason I think it will look much better to a nice pair of heels with straps on the foot or toes instead of around the ankle.

But nevertheless, everybody can dress fashionable in my opinion. You just have to wear the items you like on yourself and not the items you like on someone else, don't you agree <3

Heels from the top: Mango | Zara | River Island


  1. Great!


  2. I like those shoes. I'm a shorty, but I also have such shoes. You just have to find a V-shaped strap. That way you lengthen your legs and it looks great with summer dresses :)

    xx Eveline

  3. Hey, is dat niet die vrouw van Plain Jane? haha, en mooie schoenen vind ik het. :D

  4. Die mango heels zijn mooi, loove it!

  5. ohhh I love it :) very nice. <3 hugs and kisses :P ;*

  6. Great blog, and I love the heels!

    xoxo M
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  7. I truly agree with you, no one should just go and buy something they're not comfortable with no matter how pretty or trendy it is, comfort is more important than being fashionable! :D

    Followed you! :)

  8. Lovely!!

  9. Wat een mooi outfit heeft ze! X