Saturday, April 7, 2012

Studying is Hot: Bombata laptop bag

Why do all laptop bags have to remind you of business men or teachers? I often want take my laptop with me to college but I always feel like leaving it at home because it is such a big, black and especially unfashionable accessory! But studying isn't only for nerds and can be fashionable too with a Bombata laptopbag. This brand is founded in Italy and designes all kinds of laptopbags in different sizes. I have the yellow one myself and now I take my laptop to college almost every day bacause I really feel it's a nice accessory. The best thing is that the bag is not expensive at al, the medium size is only 29 euro! 

This summer is all about colours. As I told you in my second post, pastel colours are the trend. But not only pastel colours, just like last summer all colours can be worn. From pastel to bright colours to neon! This bag is available in twelve different fresh colours and that's why I think that students who are often taking their laptop to college, the Bombata bag is a good solution. Want one? Send an email to and I will send you one!

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