Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The shopper; Stylisch and Practical

It's a habit we all know; we just have to take our handbag with us everywhere! There's always a possibility that we need our lipstick, deoderant, sunglasses in case we come across that sexy man or your agenda and gum on your work appointment. So it's better to take everything with us in case of an emergency! Handbags aren't an accessory that is existing for a long time. After WO2 the handbag became a real piece of everyday clothing and since then it only became bigger and bigger. The bag of this season is definitely the Shopper. Usually you can grab a shopper when you come into a store and want to fill your whole 'shopper bag' with close for in the dressing room (like Primark). But now it's not only used in stores but also for handbags so you women can carry everything with them what they might need! I personally love the shopper because I always take so much with me just in case.. Even when I go out at night I want to take a big bag with me, and now I can because it's fashion!! I've put some different bags on my blog, I would like to have them all <3

The bag on the left is from the Dutch designers Vlieger & Vandam and is very different and amazing; I'm in love! Unfortunately it is too expensive voor me and that's why the second photo of Olivia Palermo is a very good alternative; the
Zara Shopper. <3


  1. I love this Zara bags!! :D

  2. Thanks voor je lovely comment!!!! Natuurlijk ga ik je terug volgen want ook jouw blog is interessant en leuk!! Ik ben nu vier weken bezig en zie dat jij ook net begonnen bent, leuk!
    Love the bag!!! Ben best jaloers haha!

    Liefs Lindy